About Me

Hi! I am a social entrepreneur, contemplative writer, musician, on-foot explorer, tech consultant and community builder based in Los Angeles, California.

As high school graduation approached in 2005, I deeply contemplated what I wanted my life to be about; the impact I wanted to have in our world. I had started learning about global poverty and the immense suffering happening due to violence, hunger, lack of safe water, medical supplies, shelter and more. I wanted to understand why so many lack the basic essential needs for life, when it seems we have the capability of meeting the needs of those who suffer most greatly.

I packed my car with a few items and began traveling across the United States to meet people living on the streets of major cities, ask them if they would like a meal and talk about how they see life. What came out of that trip was a revelation that at the root of our problems in the world is a broken relationship we have with one another as human beings.

Thus, my life mission became to reconnect the human family to meet needs and reach for the impossible of what we can accomplish together.

Will you join me?

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